T-24 hours: Trip to Israel

This is it, folks. The end of waiting!  Tomorrow at this time, I will be headed to the airport with my best friends: my husband, mother, and father. We are going to take the journey of a lifetime as we go to the Israel.

For me, it is the first (and hopefully not last time). For my husband, he is returning after many years away from the very place he used to call home.

We approach this two week journey with different goals in mind. I have a tale brewing in my head and want to do research. He has memories brewing in his head and wants to revisit his past. Knowing the both of us, we’ll find a lovely blend of the two goals, especially since I love history period and seeing his old college, homes, even battlefields where he fought alongside his comrades…well, that will be interesting to me, too!

But the one place that I’m really looking forward to going…besides (of course) all of the places in the New Testament…is Masada.

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I first learned about this amazing city from a movie that I watched late one night with my mother when I was a younger girl. It was a two part series and I was fascinated with the landscape, the imagery, the passion, and the people. The Romans were so determined to break these people and the Jewish zealots who were equally determined not to fall to the Romans.

Isn’t that a story that is so common to our lives today? How often are we faced with situations where one side has a very adamant position that counters our own? What happens in those situations?  Clearly, in the case of Masada, no one won. And, frankly, that’s often the way it is with our similar conflicts.

I know what will happen when we get there…I become so absorbed in turning the clocks back in time. I’m going to return to 70 AD and hear the children laughing, listen to the concerned conversations of the parents whispering about the Romans camped beneath their mountain, hear the Romans frustration with the stubborn Sicarii rebels. It will haunt me forever, I’m sure.

I suppose I should go pack now…

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  1. I am so happy for you. Hope you have the most awesome time in Israel. Take lots of picture an post them for us to see. That way we’ll feel like we’re there with all of you. Hope you are feeling better. So you can really enjoy your time there. ♥♥♥♥ & (((( hugs )))) to all of you.

  2. Have a wonderful time!!!! Safe travels! Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!! I would have goosebumps and chills and tears to be able to stand on the same ground as our wonderful Savior!!!!! God bless!!!!!!

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