A Blank Slate

A Blank Slate

So yesterday, I had an interesting day. I sat down with my laptop, opened it and turned it on. And then I sat there. No words came to me. You see, I have no projects to work on! For the past nine years, I have not encountered such a day. […]

Everyone’s a Storyteller

“So, I have this idea for a book…” “I have a great book for you to write…” “I’m writing this book and I have a question about…” “I always wanted to write a book…” Whenever I meet someone and they find out that I’m an author, nine times out of […]

Dear Sarah: On Writing

Dear Sarah, I want to write books and publish them. I like science fiction and have lots of ideas to create a sub-world of creatures. My parents don’t really support my efforts or encourage me. How do I find a publisher? What advice do you have for me? Julia C. […]

Why I Am Retiring From Self-Publishing

Monday’s Musing Funny thing happened to me last year…I started taking ballroom dancing lessons to help raise money for The Pink Fund. My one year anniversary is this week. Over the course of the past twelve months, I’ve attended multiple competitions and danced for assorted audiences. I’ve taken lessons, practiced, […]