An Excerpt from The Faded Photo

An Excerpt from The Faded Photo

No one wants to hear that they have breast cancer. It was four years ago this month when I underwent my double mastectomy, the beginning of an 18-month battle with recovery. For me, it wasn’t the breast cancer that almost killed me; it was the reconstruction. I approached breast cancer […]

What Inspired The Faded Photo

What Inspired The Faded Photo?

What inspired The Faded Photo? I shared this story on Facebook the other day and thought I’d share it here, too. Many people have asked why I wrote The Faded Photo and what inspired me. I’ll address the first question in another blog. For now, I want to answer the […]

The Faded Photo

With great pleasure, I introduce you to my next novel that is being released May 16th! This is my first women’s fiction novel and deals with a woman facing breast cancer without any support from her family.  Preorder a copy of The Faded Photo by clicking HERE. 🙂 Some things […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Episode 1

In May 2013, author Sarah Price learned that she had breast cancer. From hearing “we caught it early” to almost having Stage 3 breast cancer that had spread throughout her lymph nodes, she fought it with humor and acceptance, her faith in God’s plan stronger than her fear of cancer. […]