Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle

Earlier this week, I was catching up on my Writer’s Digest and read a really good article with ten tips when you are writing a novel and get stuck in the middle. The article was well written and had some great advice. However, I was struck by the realization that […]

A Blank Slate

A Blank Slate

So yesterday, I had an interesting day. I sat down with my laptop, opened it and turned it on. And then I sat there. No words came to me. You see, I have no projects to work on! For the past nine years, I have not encountered such a day. […]

Should Writers Go To Writers Groups

Should Writers Go To Writers Groups?

Here’s something that I always wanted to talk about but never quite felt brave enough to tackle it: Writers’ Groups. Some people have great success working with writers’ groups. Those are the roups where people gather together, usually once or twice a month, to read and critique a sample of […]

6 ps for authors

Writing for a Living

Many of my readers who follow my blog and Facebook livestreams know that I’ve been writing since I was very young. When I was in ninth grade, I submitted my first manuscript, The Europa Princess, to a publisher and, Lo and Behold!, I received a contract. Unfortunately, because I was […]

Everyone’s a Storyteller

“So, I have this idea for a book…” “I have a great book for you to write…” “I’m writing this book and I have a question about…” “I always wanted to write a book…” Whenever I meet someone and they find out that I’m an author, nine times out of […]