Sarah’s Books

All books are available on, Barnes &, and Coming Soon Amish Romances (Fiction Novels)

The Amish of Lancaster Series

  • Fields of Corn (2010)
  • Hills of Wheat (2011)
  • Pastures of Faith (2012)
  • Valley of Hope  (June 2012)

The Plain Fame Trilogy

  • Plain Fame: Book 1 (October 2012)
  • Plain Change: Book 2 (March 2013)
  • Plain Again: Book 3  (November 2013)

Amish Circle Letters

  • Amish Circle Letters: The Complete Series* (March 2013)
  • Amish Circle Letters II: The Second Circle of Letters (February 2014)

Individual Books

  • Amish Faith (April 2013)
  • The Divine Secret of the Whoopie Pie Sisters (December 2013)
  • First Impressions (May 2014)*
  • The Matchmaker (December 2014)*
  • Amish Secret Sister (December 2014)*

Amish Novellas

  • The Tomato Patch (July 2012)
  • The Quilting Bee (August 2012)
  • The Hope Chest (December 2012)
  • The Clothes Line (May 2013)
  • An Amish Christmas Carol (December 2012)
  • A Christmas Gift for Rebecca (December 2012)
  • A Gift of Faith: An Amish Christmas Story (October 2012)

General Fiction

  • Gypsy in Black (2011)
  • Postcards from Abby (2012): Co-authored with Ella Stewart:
  • Meet Me in Heaven (2012): Co-authored with Ella Stewart
  • The Prayer Chain: A Series of Short Stories: Co-authored with Ella Stewart

Children’s Series

  • Peek-a-boo Runs Away (2011)
  • A Small Dog Named Peek-a-boo (2011)
  • Peek-a-boo Makes New Friends (2012)
  • Peek-a-boo and Daisy Doodle (2014)

*Realms, an imprint of Charisma House

80 thoughts on “Sarah’s Books

    1. Hi Kelly,

      I’m working on it. I’m in edit mode. By the end of the month, it should be out in eBook format. :-)

    1. Yes. I’m really close to finishing Pastures of Faith but…it’s just not quite ready. Working on it today and this week. Valley of Hope is the next one and I have the story already rolling around in my mind. It will be…different. 😉

      1. Please let us know when Valley of Hope is ready to download I have been anxiously waiting go read this since finishing all three of the series.

  1. I just want to say thank you for writing inspirational and clean books. Please continue! I so admire their faith and commitment to their morals. I read your first two books in two days and came here looking for the third book. I am new to the whole Kindle thing, but I am enjoying it! I read all the reviews and I appreciate when reviewers tell me it’s sexually explicit because that is not what I want. Again, thank you. As anxious as I am to read your next books, I am happy to wait until you get it just right.

  2. I have just come across your books “The Amish of Lancaster Series”
    On this page above it lists “Fields of Corn” 2007 & “Hills of Wheat” as 2011.
    But when I clicked on the books they both say March 2012.
    I liked to read books in a series in order. What is their order?

  3. I have never had the pleasure of reading any of your books. But so love the Amish stories. I prefer paper back (no Kindle or the like and honestly don’t want one) Is there some where I can get the first of your series? I prefer to read in order. Take care and God Bless, Patti in VA

  4. I just finished Valley of Hope and am ready for the next one. Please let there be more. haha We sure need to know about David. I am knew to the Kindle but have read all 4 of the Lancaster stories on it. I had a problem with the last few chapters of Valley of Hope. I would come to the end of the page and the next page jumped ahead or behind where it should have been. Is this normal? Thank you Sarah for a wonderful read.

  5. Just read Fields of Corn and Hills of Wheat in the past two days. They were just wonderful. I read them on my Kindle. Now I need to find the books so I can share them with friends. Thanks so much . Diane from Pa.

  6. I am readng Hills of Wheat. Anticipating your books goes without saying. Your character development and issues of every day life is excellent! I wondered if you consciously left the evening abulations out or did Shana go to bed with dirty feet? Just an observation on the first book?

  7. Good Day……What is your book “Plain Fame” going to be about? More imporantly, when can I get my hands on it…haha…Just found your books and LOVE every one of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Good Day…Does anyone out there know any details about new book “Plain Fame” ??? I posted this message already, but I’m not sure I did it correctly…still learning…………….

  8. Hi. I followed this link from my facebook page. I would lo9ve to get into your stories….I hope u don’t mind, but I couldn’t help noticing…
    is this correct…?
    “The Office Website for Sarah Price, Author of Amish Fiction ”
    just thought FYI…. 😀

  9. Will there be more Novellas The first two were great. There should be lots more of these. There is such great lessons in these.

  10. I can’t say how much i love your amish books. I am always looking on amazon, and in book stores for a new book. I don’t read anything but amish novels. As of right now i own 154 amish books, and continue to buy more. Usually while i still have alot i haven’t finished all the one’s i have yet. I bought 7 more just today. What can i say, i’m hooked. I love and admire everything about the amish people. I look forward to buying more of your books, and seeing more pictures. Thank you Sarah

  11. Is there a way I could get a hold of every book you wrote so far. I like to read them in order. I just got 4 of them the other day at the book store. But they aren’t your first books . So please let me know what book you wrote first, second and so on. thank you so much Linda

  12. I am a Christian, and have read I think, all of your books on the Amish. Right now I am reading,”a gift for Rebecca”. I just finished another book, different author, and it certainly wasn’t the way you taught us about the Amish way. Like a LOT of public kissing before they were married. Keep up the good work, Sue Richter

  13. Hi! Love your books and just finished “Plain Fame” in one sitting. When are you going to release “Plain Change”? I cant wait to see what happens!!!

  14. I have read most of your books and love them they keep you on your toe’s and you don’t want to put them down. is there a way you can preorder your books on a nook I would love to be able to I’m waiting for 9 and 10 and The hope chest . you are a great writer .thank you Luecinda Chenette

    1. Hi Luecinda,

      Volume 9 is out already and Volume 10 will be any day now. I don’t know about pre-ordering on Nook. My publisher takes care of that. I’m so glad that you like my books. 😀

  15. Is volume 10 of the amish circle letters out yet? I can’t seem to find any information anywhere. Love your books. Thanks

  16. Waiting, waiting, waiting for Plain Change. So hooked after simply reading Plain Fame! I love, love Amish romance books for some reason. I just went in tonight and downloaded Circle Letters 1-5, so am off to Kindle Fire land. Thank you Sarah!!

  17. I finished Plain Change last week, and am anxiously awaiting Plain Again. I am now reading the Circle Letters to tide me over, but cannot wait to see what happens to Alejandro and Amanda. I know it is going to be released in the Summer but will it be June, July or August. I am hoping June. Love your books!

  18. Just finished reading plain change, now I am anxiously awaiting the book 3, plain again. I can hardly wait to see the ending of this. Wonderful reading.

  19. I just finished reading “Plain Change “, it was excellent , I immediately downloaded ” Plain Fame” . It appears that Plain Again has not yet been released . Do have any idea when you will release that title ?

  20. I just read Amish Faith. I loved the story. Any chance there will be a follow up to it? Also, when will Plain Again be available?

  21. Sarah, just finished reading Amish Faith. Really enjoyed it. and am hoping there will be another book. Would love to see the children grow up and see what baby Faith has.
    Thanks, Teri

  22. I am helping an elderly friend order some of your books from amazon she really enjoys reading your books, in the Plain Fame Trilogy amazon sellers list Plain Fame , Plain Change and a Christmas book as this trilogy instead of including Plain Again what is the right order for this series. Thank You for your help.

  23. I have just finished reading the circle of letters and just started today the Amish Circle Letters II…. Will there be others to follow. Love your books cant seem to put them down.

  24. Hello –I am a big reader of Amish Fiction—buy all authors I can get my hands on- I like the book in my hand-then I can pass them on-where can I buy some of your series-(series are my favorite)saw an ad for you in Amish Country news which I love–I am interested in The Lititz Series-how many are there?? the Amish of Lancaster series-the Amish of Ephrata series-Is there one series I should read first>-Can I order them here-book stores just don’t carry big selections of Christian Fiction-especially Amish Fiction-and are these paperbacks-and what is the average cost–thanking you in advance for your help-c stveens

  25. Can’t wait to read the next book “Plain Again”. Will it be the last one in this series? I agree with one of your followers that talked about explicit sex in books. I’m a firm believer about the fact that u can make awesome books without all that mess. LOVE the Amish books.

  26. Do you know when the next installment of Ephrata Amish will be out. I just love Priscilla and Stephen !!! Four days to PLAIN AGAIN. Love your books.
    Thank you for making reading enjoyable again.

  27. When will Plain Again be released? I have read all of your amish books and just love them. You are one of 3 authors that I have read all of their books.

  28. I completely loved the plain fame & plain change. It is an amazing story. I am a big fan yours, now. I cant wait until the last book comes out. The title “plain again” worries me…hope Alejandro & Amanda will be happy together & we see ” kinder”. Hope the book released by August?

  29. Sarah,
    I have just finished reading books 1&2 plain fame, plain change. I loved both books, honestly it’s the best book I have ever read. The story is beautiful, romantic. I believe every woman wants to be treated special and loved like Amanda. I bought the e-books months ago and just recently started reading them. I have read plain change twice. You are an amazing author and I will definitely read more of your books in the future. I am counting down the days until book#3 is out. Thank you again, Becky Hinson

  30. Cannont understand when Plain Again is going to be out. Please let us know. It is after Aug. 15 and I still cannot pull it up. Alta Gorman

  31. I am so anxious for Plain Again!!!! I can’t wait to read the ending to this beautiful story. I love all of your books. Thank you and best wishes with your breast cancer. God is with you.

  32. Where can we get plain again it was supposed to be out October.22 amazon and Barnes and noble doesnt have it. Thank you

  33. I have 43 of you books, have read 18 and continuing to read them all. I like e-books as it is so easy to carry anywhere at anytime. I enjoy your books so much as I am so interested in the Amish way of life. Life can become hard but the peace, faith and trust that they have is amazing. Praying for you through your illness and know that God has a hedge of protection around you and that you will be with Him always and forever no matter where you are. Thank you for all the writings and am looking forward to “Plain Again”.

  34. How many stories/letters are in the first Circle letters series? I have the first 5 separately and don’t want to order the new set of all the letters, if I have all of them. Please answer so I can keep going or get the new whole series to finish it on my Kindle. Read all 5 today. Thanks,

  35. Hello, I just recently learned of your books but I cannot find them in my local library or the trade a book store we have here in Summerville SC. Any idea where I may be able to find them? Thank you so much, I look forward to reading them all :)

  36. I have most all of your books and have loved everyone of them. You are my very favorite Author. Thanks for the list of all your books. I have copied it down for me. ♥

  37. I just read and loved the Plain fame series – and your Lancaster series – well done. i do prefer print to kindle though as I haven’t tried kindle yet.

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