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sarah 2There is something magical about getting a second chance in life to learn, live, and love. I think that best describes who I am as a person, a friend, a mother, and a wife.

I have been writing ever since I learned how to hold a pencil.  As a child, I wrote a story about a family of gnomes, painstakingly handwriting each story in a blue covered journal.  When I was older, I learned how to type on an electric typewriter, spending my summers and weekends plucking at the keys until the early morning hours, much to my older sister’s chagrin.

Most of my stories focused around cultures, learning about different societies within our own.  I wrote about homeless people, gypsies, the circus, and the Amish.  It was natural that I focused on the Amish.  I was raised by a family with a rich history in Pennsylvania.  In the early 1700’s, my ancestors came over from Europe and settled in an area that grew into one of the largest Anabaptist communities in the nation. I loved diving into these cultures, studying the people and the environment in order to write about the people who lived among them.  I traveled a lot, a careful blend of Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.  When I traveled, I would escape the tourist track and immerse myself in local haunts, observing the people and writing in my journals.

Unfortunately, life happens and, during the struggles of my first marriage, the fiction writing tapered to a trickle.  But we learn from obstacles and difficulties, often finding new pieces of ourselves that we didn’t even know existed.  The good news is that once you are a writer, you are always a writer.

When I settled into my new life with my second husband, I dusted off the manuscripts and returned to the screen.  Luckily, my husband has been very supportive and helps with brainstorming, writing, and editing.  He had been crucial to the success of my publishing these works.

I have advanced degrees in Marketing, Communication, and (soon) a PhD in Leadership. I use the name Sarah Price as an honor to my grandmother and my family, the Priess family, who came over to America in the very early 1700s aboard an old sailing vessel called the Patience.

In addition, I am beginning to speak out about my battle with breast cancer ( and my own experiences with domestic violence and being bullied, specifically with horrendous cyberbullying conducted against me and several of my friends and family by another author.

There will be many additions to my library in the upcoming months and years. I hope you enjoy the journey with me.


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  1. I do FREE book reviews for the book! I love amish fiction and have never read any of your books but would love to, so if you are interested let me know

  2. Oh Pink…what a beautiful synopsis of your background. My Norweigan ancestors also migrated from Europe and settled in North Dakota and Iowa. Mom’s family migrated from Okinawa, Japan and put roots down in Hilo, Hawaii. My parents met during WWII and wed against their parents’ wishes. Then 5 daughters followed like clockwork, I being the youngest.
    I wed in 1989, after receiving my degrees and launching my career in teaching. A minor in English, it evolved into teaching writing skills and classes to grades K thru 8. I have 2 children, a boy and a girl. Though dyslexic, my daughter loves to write as well.
    Well, keep in touch Pink.

  3. Love the Plain trilogy. The spanish is misspelled quite often but absolutely love the books. I think I am one in a hundred latin girl that love amish fiction and this ones touched my heart. Can’t wait for the third one.

  4. You are now my very favorite Amish author. I just happened upon Field of Corn etc and couldn’t wait to finish each one and go on to the next! Every chapter is so well written and leaves you feeling like you can’t wait to sit back down and read the next chapter. We do a lot of camping and so I do have time. Thank you for being a faithful Amish inspiration.
    Christine Leahey

  5. I love all your books about Amish people and their lives. If life could always be simple, wanting only what we need, not always want we want. We would all be much happier people.

  6. Despite drs discovery of a lump the size of an egg yolk on her left breast………my wife is a tough cookie and we are having a church wedding on the or close date to the anniversary of our Las Vegas wedding one year ago. Fabulous reception maid of honor best man and flower girl after church vows at honolulu kahala mandarin hotel. She is in pain and could only sleep on one side especially after having surgey yesterday. It has been a battle for those who love her more than it is for her. Wish I could take her pain.

  7. Sarah, I have something special I make and would like to send you one. Do you have a P.O. Box that I can send it to? I also have a P.O. Box 1412 if you would like to just send me yours. I too have been bullied and ridiculed all my life and I have a low opinion of myself and my faith in Jesus Christ has carried me through the bad times. I am personal friends with Amanda Cabot, author where I live. She has been a bright spot in my life and a God send to me.

  8. I want to say Merry Christmas to you and yours. I was bullyed in school because I was abandoned at birth and kids teased me because I didn’t have a mom and dad. That hurt a lot at the time.

  9. I know you are loved by all, Sarah, but most of all by God and your family. I will keep you in my prayers. Congratulations on the wedding and renewal of your vows.


  11. Hi, I hope you go onto the story of the sister in “Secrets in Divine Whoopi Pie sisters” who has a husband that wants her to take psycotropic drugs’ the sister who has the bishop on her husbands side. What was her name… began with a L. Is she a character from a real personality in the Amish world.?

    I got a new breast form at Mary Catherine’s in Seattle last month when I went to Seattle to see my surgeon.

    Saw the genetic counsellor, my medicaid payed for the 4,000 test of the brachia gene to see if I have a mutation on that gene, plus other DNA hereditary testing (just through a blood sample). My daughter , who is 24 yrs old was at the meeting too. She might have to have mammograms in her 30’s. Did you do that testing for your daughters?

    Lisa (Elizabeth too). I wrote you a letter a few months ago. bye now

  12. Hi Sarah. Just getting to know you. When everI would scroll books on Amazon and I came across yours I always liked the emblem of the Amish house and buggy on the cover. Then I decided to read Priscilla’s Story and I’m just starting the clothes line.
    I can truly relate to the bullying that this story
    as I have been bullied in the past and at this present time my husband and I are being bullied by a neighbor. It is so true that people take sides and you did such a great job of describing Priscilla’s situation and her hurt feelings. Your story has so helped me to know how to react in the present situation I find us in.
    After I’m finished this book I will be doing a review for it on Amazon. I write under the name of Shi for my reviews and profile page.
    A new fan
    Much blessings

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