New Book: Plain Fame

At the beginning of the year, I was brainstorming with a few friends about doing something different with my next series. I had some ideas and ran them by my inner circle (my sanity sanctuary, as I call them).  While I know that some people will not like all of my books, I do know that if my circle likes the idea, it will most likely work.

In my upcoming three-book series, The Amish of Lititz, readers will meet Amanda Beiler, a young Amish woman with a big heart and just a hint of intrigue for adventure. She runs into some troubles while traveling back to to Lititz, Pennsylvania from a summer trip to Ohio. Her train has stopped in New York City and she has ventured into the Big Apple. A life changing event happens, an event that puts her in the eye of the media.

I’m excited to introduce this new series to everyone. It’s been almost a year in the making. As with anything that takes so long to create, you have an enormous amount of trepidation at what people will think and how they will react. Other authors compare it to birthing a child. I like that analogy.

As mothers, we want our children to be accepted and loved, to have successful careers and great happiness. We want everyone to think that our child is the most beautiful one in the world. After all, we made that child. It represents us and our efforts to instill manners and goodness,  the ability to respect others and love God.  Oh yes, it’s a scary moment…that moment when the rest of the world meets our child for the first time and, ultimately, begins judging it as they get to know more about it.

I’ll be looking for some book reviewers who would like ARC copies within the next few weeks. I’ll also be rolling out the book cover so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, it’s time that I roll up my sleeves, keep working hard, and enjoy these final weeks before everyone meets Amanda Beiler from Lititz, Pennsylvania. At that point, I’ll be worried mess with sleepless nights as I hover over my new baby and wait for the response from my readers.


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About Sarah Price

Author of the Amish of Lancaster Series: Fields of Corn, Hills of Wheat, Pastures of Faith, and Valley of Hope.

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  1. Rita Ann Serpa~Leid

    This sounds interesting; will be watching ifor it.

  2. That is so exciting! Can’t wait. If you need more readers for ACR I would like to do it. I have all your books and love them

  3. This sounds so exciting for you and for all of us. Can’t wait to read your new series. I have loved all of your books and can’t see that changing at all.. Do you know about when it will be available to us? Don’t worry Sarah. ♥

  4. Sounds like their going to be a good series, can’t wait to get them and start reading them..I think i’m just as excited to read them as you are writing them ~Smiles~

  5. This sounds very interesting just pray I can find it once it is out. Will be in Lititz, Pa and surrounding areas 19th, 20th and 21st of Oct. Thanks to my wonderful son in law & dau taking me up there for my b’day 17th and recovery from left hip replacement. Had it done last Monday. I have yet to see one of your books and only read actual books no Kindle etc. God bless and hope the “birth” of your baby goes smoothly. Patti in VA

  6. Would love to Review one of your Books… nothing like curling up with a Good Book in my hands….

  7. Have no doubts this will be fabulous. Leave it in Gods hands, and quit stressing yourself.xo

  8. If you ever need ACR reviewers, I am hoping that you will remember me. Your books are so interesting, I have all that are ebooks, and interestingly enough I have other ebooks and am finding they leave me wanting. I am very anticipating your newest editions. A lot of horseback riding will help you to be stress free. God Bless

  9. I can’t wait to read these books.I would love to be one of your ACR reviewers.I love your books.Thanks

  10. Hi….Does anyone know if the newest book will be in print form and where we can gt it??? I, also, must be a bit old-fashioned as I only read books I can hold in my hand…haha…

  11. just finished Plain Fame. love it , now trying to find Plain Change in kindle edition!Help!!!

  12. It’s not out yet. February 28.

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