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As I walked toward her, I kept my eyes locked on her face. I would be ready. IF she chose to look at me this time, I would be ready. […]

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I love the internet. I do. I have made so many friends there. Dear sweet friends. I am able to chat with my cousin who lives 2,000 miles away and […]

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So I’m on vacation in Los Angeles which, frankly, is my favorite city on the planet. Every time we come here, we run into celebrities galore and who doesn’t love […]

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An Amish Buggy Ride is a story of mistakes, choices, forgiveness, relationships and love. As always it is pure delight to have the opportunity to read Sarah’s story as she weaves her character’s lives in with our lives…to get to know them, while learning something about myself at the same time.

—Lisa Ann Bull

“In her own distinctive voice, Sarah Price has created a wealth of memorable, delightful characters in The Matchmaker! Readers will love this unique blend of the Amish and Jane Austen’s classic tale Emma—the story of a meddling, opinionated young lady who must learn the hard way that the best-laid plans may sometimes go awry! With the unpredictable twists and turns that Sarah Price is so well known for, and a charming main character who is not your typical Amish heroine, this harmonious mix is truly a match made in heaven!”

—Diana Flowers, senior reviewer at Overcoming With God

“The Matchmaker is both charming and beautiful. Sarah Price writes with an authenticity that pulls at the heartstrings and triumphs over self in a way that gives you renewed faith in love and friendship, showing us all the hand God has in our lives.”

—Sue Laitinen, book reviewer at Destination Amish

Price has such a beautiful way with words and imagery. I can easily picture the setting of the Amish countryside and each and every character she brings to life on page. Kate Zook is a devoted sister, daughter, and friend, but her shame and guilt felt tangible enough that I found myself rooting for her (and Samuel) until the last chapter.

—Nicole Deese, Kindle bestselling author of the Letting Go Series

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